A new series of annual cycling events has been announced today by Lateral Events, the owners and organisers of L’Étape Australia by Tour de France.

The new series of events, called Drops + Hoods (referring to the bike handlebars), will uniquely offer riders more than seven events over four days, on multiple surfaces, across multi-cycle disciplines, and multiple distances in Australia and New-Zealand.

Lateral Events is currently developing the first edition of Drops + Hoods to be hosted in the beautiful Snowy Mountains from Thursday 2nd December to Sunday 5th December 2021. This inaugural edition is set to feature some of the most famous elements of L’Étape Australia by Tour de France, staged in the Snowy Mountains between 2016 and 2019.

Being developed in consultation with local stakeholders,  local businesses, and the local community, each edition of ‘Drops + Hoods’ will showcase the host region’s best local roads, and will take riders on some remote gravel routes in the wilderness. The event will also boost the region’s local economy, by working with pubs, clubs, restaurants, and resorts to provide entertainment each evening to entice riders to stay longer.

Drops + Hoods will inject economic activity into host regions across the accommodation, restaurants, retail, and tourism sector, as well as through direct event expenditure.