This story has been written by Mathew Hayman.

It has been a while, the last time I was in the Snowy Mountains was on a training camp with the GreenEdge team, we were riding from Victoria to Canberra to do some testing at the AIS and finish off the planning for a new season. I remember it quite well as it was a very hard day on the bike, we came through Kankoben up over Dead Horse Gap and down to Jindabyne, where we spent the night. The following day we did the last leg of our trip to Canberra. My mind was fitter than my body, I pushed myself up over the top of dead horse gap far too hard believing that it was all downhill to Jindy, how wrong I was. I was totally exhausted and extremely happy to see that Lake. But what a feeling of achievement and what magnificent scenery!

I have ridden in this area on several occasions over the years and am always taken aback by the beauty of the Australian high country. When you spend so much of your time away it really does give you a fresh perspective on the nature that we as Australians take for granted. We really are spoilt, and I am going to take this opportunity to soak it all up.

That is why I can’t wait to get back there and spend the day with like-minded people, riding in some of Australia’s most classic country. Being thoughtfully organised, with full support, it really is a great opportunity for us to be able to ride in a safe environment. We’ll be able to really test ourselves, and testing the terrain will be, much like the European Alps or Pyrenees, to truly appreciate the scale of their beauty, we’re going to have to scale the heights!